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Why do we need a pediatric specialist?

Children's needs are far more complex than those of adults and nutritional problems in children can affect their growth and development. A pediatric specialist with experience will understand these needs and their complexities, and will also teach the family and child in a developmentally appropriate way.

What is a healthy diet?
There is no single answer. A healthful diet can be reached in a variety of ways,  and every person is different, but any healthful diet should follow these principles. It should be plant-based (fruits, vegetables, legumes), have an adequate amount of protein, and include healthy fats. It should limit calories from simple carbohydrates, and it should provide enough calories to maintain a healthy weight. 

I am only concerned about one child or adult. Why would the whole family be involved? 

In my years of experience working with children of all ages and their families, it has become clear that family support is essential. Even when the change is a simple one, the whole family will be affected. Integrating the child's needs into normal family life is essential to maintaining change and enjoying food.


What ages do you work with?

Any age, from babies to adults. If you have nutrition concerns or need to implement dietary changes, I can help.

Where do consults happen?

Usually in my office, but some services require that I go to your home. It will depend on your family's needs. I also do home visits upon request subject to availability.

​Do you take medical insurance?

Not at this time. 100% of the profit generated by Thrive and Grow is donated to charity. 

What charity receives the donation?

A charity is chosen every year. This year Save The Children has been chosen, but this may change if a more suitable charity is identified. 


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