​​Every client relationship starts with a 15-20 minute no-cost, no-obligation meeting. We will discuss your concerns, goals, and how I can help you meet those needs. Typically client's needs fall into the following categories, but every case is different, and I tailor my approach to your needs. 

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Nutrition Assessments

Your child's and the family's diet, history, and measurements are carefully evaluated. After the assessment, I explain the findings, discuss the results of the evaluation, and address any concerns.

Nutrition Counseling

I will help you define and achieve your dietary goals and implement the necessary changes. This will be tailored to your specific needs and those of your family. 

Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Eliminating specific foods from a diet is much harder than it first seems. Providing family meals, school lunches, snacks, playdates, and eating during vacations can seem daunting.

Food allergies and sensitivities should be taken seriously. If done incorrectly, elimination diets can be ineffective and can also lead to weight and growth problems or nutritional deficiencies. I will help you navigate these, so you can meet your needs and find joy in food again.

Special Diets
Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, grain free, dairy free, paleo, high calorie, weight management, disease-specific diets, etc. Dietary restrictions raise the level of care needed to maintain health, but it can be done. A healthful diet can be achieved in a variety of ways. 

Meal and Menu Planning

A proper menu is an invaluable tool for household management. Special diets, picky eaters, and moving to a new country can make this a challenging task. I will help you make sense of all these changes, and show you how much easier managing a home is when you have a menu that works. 

Picky Eaters

This is the most common concern I hear. Do not despair! I can help you have healthful meals, enjoy mealtime again, and help your child outgrow this difficult phase. 

Nutrition Makeovers

If you need a f resh start, want to eat better, or have specific changes in mind, I can help you reach your goal.

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